Great Meadow International

What a fantastic weekend at Great Meadow International! This show never fails to amaze me – the atmosphere, the camaraderie, catching up with familiar faces – it truly feels like a second home.

A massive shoutout to the incredible volunteers who keep the gears turning and the show staff who pour their hearts into making this event a success. And of course, a heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors who stand by us, making moments like these possible.

Showing three horses is no small feat, but my dream team really brought their A-game. Business Ben owned by The Business Ben Partnership in the CCI3*-S, and Monbeg Zebedee, owned by The Zebedee Group in the CCI2*-S, both securing top 20 spots. No May Moon owned by Nancy Winter, dazzled in the CCI3*-S as well, finishing 4th.

And a big cheer for my talented student Katie Lichten, who dominated the CCI2*-S with a 3rd place finish and an impressive win in the Piedmont Equine CCI2*-S Under 25 aboard HTS Jensen R. It would be hard to follow that up- except she also secured 4th place in the CCI2*-S and a 2nd in the Piedmont Equine CCI2*-S Under 25 on Romans Code Red! It’s not every day that you get to take 1st and 2nd!

Speaking of success, our recent sales horse HSH Golden Boy is off to an amazing start with his new owner Emma Whitaker. They made their mark at the Fair Hill International August Horse Trials, clinching the win in the Beginner Novice Rider-B division.

8/25-27: MARS Great Meadow International (The Plains, VA)

  • Melissa Nice with Smokin Meers: 21st in the CCI2*-S
  • Katie Lichten with …
    • HTS Jensen R: 3rd in CCI2*-S + 1st in Piedmont Equine CCI2*-S Under 25
    • Romans Code Red: 4th in CCI2*-S + 2nd in Piedmont Equine CCI2*-S Under 25
  • Allison Springer with …
    • Business Ben (owned by The Business Ben Partnership): 17th in CCI3*-S
    • Monbeg Zebedee (owned by The Zebedee Group): 11th in CCI2*-S
    • No May Moon (owned by Nancy Winter): 4th in CCI3*-S

8/13-14: Fair Hill International August Horse Trials (Elkton, MD)

  • Emma Whitaker with ASE graduate HSH Golden Boy: 1st in Beginner Novice Rider-B

Millbrook Horse Trials

What an incredible time at Millbrook Horse Trials! From start to finish, the event was a fantastic experience. The course designer did an outstanding job creating a challenging yet fair course, and the attention to detail was evident all over the event. From the beautifully maintained grounds to the smooth schedule, everything was top notch.

All of my horses ran beautifully. No Way Moon owned by Nancy Winter ended up 1st in Open Intermediate-B, and Business Ben was close behind with a 3rd in Open Intermediate-A. Vandyke was an absolute star, making easy work on the Advanced cross-country track! It’s moments like these that remind me why I love eventing so much!!

All of my students who were at Millbrook with me this weekend also put in lovely rides! I am so proud of all of the word they do in the saddle, and I am excited about the learning that happened on course.

A big shoutout to the volunteers who put in countless hours to make this event possible. Their dedication and enthusiasm make all the difference!

7/28-30: Millbrook Horse Trials (Millbrook, NY)

  • Allison with …
    • Business Ben (owned by The Business Ben Group): 3rd in Open Intermediate-A
    • Monbeg Zebedee (owned by The Zebedee Group): 5th in Open Preliminary-B
    • No May Moon (owned by Nancy Winter): 1st in Open Intermediate-B
    • Vandyke (owned by The Rico Syndicate): 9th in Advanced

Equine Indirect Release therapy

I had an amazing and very educational day at my farm last week with World Equestrian Brands and Schaefer Equine. Dave, Avery and Harrison Schaefer are practicing Equine Indirect Release therapy (the human version is Counterstrain Therapy) and I definitely appreciate some real improvements in my horses after their sessions. I’m always wanting to figure out how I can help my horses to feel their very best and this therapy is something I am really excited about! Thank you Robin Moore for your commitment to great horsemanship and sharing that with others!

The Maryland Horse Trials

What an incredible weekend at The Maryland Horse Trials! All of my horses, and my students, brought their A-game!  

This past weekend I was lucky enough to pilot Francesca Broggini’s Cooley High Flyer to a win in the Open Training-A, as well as Business Ben, who secured 4th in Open Intermediate, and Natalie Epstein’s Mill Run Millicent, who impressed in the 4-Year Old Young Event Horse. I also want to give a big shout-out to my talented students, Katie Lichten and Martha Wunder, who both ended up with top-ten finishes in Open Novice-B and Open Beginner Novice-A, respectively.  

Huge thank you to all of the officials, judges, and volunteers who made The Maryland Horse Trials possible. Your hard work creates an incredible event for all of us to enjoy, and we could not do it without you.  

And last but certainly not least, I want to acknowledge Emma Whitaker, who recently purchased HSH Golden Boy from us. Their partnership is already shining brightly and earned them 3rd place in Junior Open Beginner Novice this past weekend!! We cannot wait to see what they do next!  

Photo: Cooley High Flyer owned by Francesa Broggini  

7/15-16: The Maryland Horse Trials (Adamstown, MD) 

Allison with … 
Business Ben (owned by Business Ben Syndicate): 4th in Open Intermediate  
Cooley High Flyer (owned by Francesca Broggini): 1st in Open Training-A 
Mill Run Millicent (owned by Natalie Epstein): 7th in 4-year-old Young Event Horse 
Katie Lichten with Tullibards Excellence: 7th in Open Novice-B 
Emma Whitaker with former ASE sale horse HSH Golden Boy: 3rd in Jr. Open Beginner Novice 
Martha Wunder with Kaitlin Garvie’s Silver and Blues: 8th in Open Beginner Novice-A 

Dressage Musings – Connection

It was wonderful reading this update from Claire about her training journey! (I wish she had added a before picture as it certainly did not look like this!) I love helping my students to become better trainers of their horses — this path takes a lot of patience and dedication. Hearing about this sort of real progress makes me so very happy!

From Claire-Cumbee

Swatch and I have been able to put down some of the more competitive dressage tests, over the past few months. But, if you look at our first events this was not the case. Add 10-12 points.
We spent three days with one of my first coaches, @allisonspringereventing in March which was a bit of a turning point.
Up until this point, the way in which I was seeking connection was a little backwards. Riding front to back, not so much back to front. Meaning- I was just squeezing the bit until he tucked his little head underneath himself, not so much riding him into the bridle. I’m not certain, he had a tendency to tuck his nose into his chest as if he’d been ridden in draw reins, which I’m not always so against, but for his sake he had no knowledge that taking his nose out, lifting his body up and out, putting some weight in my reins was a good thing. You could throw the reins at him, and he’d stay in the same frame, never stretching out to the contact.
In those three lessons, we painfully worked on the most simple exercises to improve the connection. (We may have spent 20 minutes at the halt)
Back home, I kept riding those same exercises.
Could I fully descend Swatch’s frame from the ground, up to competition frame. Picking him back up from my leg, not my hand. Halt, walk, trot, canter.
Turn on the forehand.
Turn on the haunches.
I do these exercises every warm-up. At competitions, horses trotting around, I start with the above.
I feel like it took me a little longer, finance wise I can’t afford more than one lesson a week, so prioritize jump lessons at home. So working on these dressage exercises alone, I’ve just tried to stay consistent, really study how I was training him, make sure I can do these fundamental exercises, then proceed.
Who knows, maybe the wind was just blowing right.

The Maryland International

What a fantastic weekend of eventing at The Maryland International! I was able to take two horses out in the Open Preliminary and had a blast tackling all the new questions on cross country!


Congratulations to my student Katie Lichten, who took two horses out in the CCI2*-S. Her determination and skill were both evident as both of her horses secured top-five finishes!
Thank you to the show officials and volunteers who made this wonderful event possible. The grounds were impeccably maintained, and the atmosphere definitely set horses and riders up to perform their best.  

And finally, thank you to my sponsors for their continued support!  

Photo: Crystal Crescent Moon owned by Nancy Winter 

7/8-9: The Maryland International (Adamstown, MD)  

  • Allison with …
    • Crystal Crescent Moon (owned by Nancy Winter): 4th in Open Preliminary  
    • Monbeg Zebedee (owned by Zebedee Group): 14th in Open Preliminary  
  • Katie Lichten with … 
    • HTS Jensen R: 3rd in CCI2*-S 
    • Romans Code Red: 5th in CCI2*-S 

Business Ben’s return to competing!

I am thrilled to share the incredible journey of Business Ben’s return to competing! This wouldn’t have been possible without the unending support and expertise of some amazing individuals and innovative technologies.

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Susan Johns for her exceptional care and dedication. Your expertise and guidance played a crucial role in Ben’s recovery and successful comeback. Your passion for equine well-being shines through in every step of the journey.
A special shoutout to Hailey Gahan, Ben’s exceptional groom and exercise rider. Your unwavering commitment, love, and care have been instrumental in his rehabilitation process. Thank you for loving this horse as much as I do, and for taking the reins with such diligence and attentiveness.

Let’s also acknowledge the remarkable team behind Equine Tendon Ltd.—Julien Moreau, Dr. Hank Offereins, and Dr. Stephanie Davis. Your expertise and guidance were invaluable in bringing Ben back to his full potential. The UTC scan technology, which provides insights into the quality of fiber and their response to the rehab program, is simply incredible!

Furthermore, a big thank you to the BEMER Horse-Set North America and Multi Radiance Veterinary for their contributions to Ben’s recovery. These innovative technologies have played a significant role in supporting his healing process and overall well-being.

Congratulations to everyone involved in Ben’s journey, from the team behind his recovery to the cutting-edge technologies that made it possible. Together, you have demonstrated the power of teamwork, expertise, and innovative solutions in overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness. I am so, so thankful to have you all as part of my team!!

Here’s to many more successful competitions and continued success for Business Ben! ??

Congratulations to Emma Whitaker

Congratulations to Emma Whitaker on the purchase of HSH Golden Boy!!! Wishing you two all the best in your future together!! We will be cheering you on!!

Deerfield Jumper Day

Deerfield Jumpers!

Allison Springer Eventing is excited to host our first schooling jumper show at Deerfield farm on Thursday June 8th!

No preregistration required, but if you are planning to come we would love for you to let us know so we can adjust times as needed. You can email Allison at to let us know!

Deerfield Stables is located 8555 John S Mosby Hwy in Upperville, Virginia. Please make sure you are using the driveway next to the Allison Springer Eventing sign. Please do not turn on to Dunvegan Drive or Deerfield Estates, they are not suited for trailers!

We are super excited and hope to see you on June 8th!

Ship-in Schooling

It’s a shame that our beautiful property in Upperville, VA is so quiet while we’re out at shows. With indoor and outdoor arenas, and a cross- country schooling course, it is the perfect place to test your work before paying entry fees! We love being able to provide year-round ship-in schooling.

Book your space online!