No May Moon is now an Advanced horse

So incredibly proud of my little mare No May Moon (owned by Nancy Winter) who is now an Advanced horse!!! I was so nervous for this very challenging track at Stable View to be her first Advanced but she was amazing!!! So many thanks to Paige Ansaldi for making Mayzie look and feel her best and to Hailey Gahan and Devon Sutherland for getting everyone settled in at the new farm in Virginia while we were away competing!

BUCKEYE Nutrition

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FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips

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Sidelines Magazine: Allison Springer: From Pony Club to Changing the Eventing World

Have you checked out the latest issue of Sidelines Magazine yet?

There’s an awesome article featuring Allison Springer of Allison Springer Eventing! Dive into Allison’s incredible journey in the horse world, from her humble beginnings to her unstoppable determination. It’s a must-read!

Check out the full article here:


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April Waredaca Expert Jump Day

Excited to be teaching at Waredaca again this year! First one is April 16!

Three weeks until the 16 April Waredaca Expert Jump Day with Top Equestrian and 5* Eventer Allison Springer of Allison Springer Eventing! Springer is a veteran 5* event rider, trainer, and popular coach who actively competes across the country and internationally. To learn more about the Expert Days Series at Waredaca, visit Registration closes April 14th. Register via Strider:

Monbeg Zebedee Pine Top Horse Trials

Monbeg Zebedee rocking around the Preliminary at Pine Top Horse Trials Advanced Horse Trials. Thank you Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets, Veredus, EQyss Grooming Products and FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips for keeping us looking sharp and feeling great!

Grand-Prix Eventing Showcase at Bruce’s Field

So incredibly proud of Vandyke’s effort yesterday in the Conceal Grand-Prix Eventing Showcase at Bruce’s Field! This was his first time doing the five star dressage test and a super hard show jump course, which I felt like he handled beautifully! he is still just a little green for the cross country track today so I’ve opted not to run him but I really look forward to bringing him back in the future when he has a little more experience! Best of luck to all the competitors today and a huge thank you to The Rico Syndicate and all my sponsors that make this dream possible!

BUCKEYE Nutrition

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Jumping Branch Farm

Not sure how I forgot to include two amazing horses in our barn that competed Jumping Branch Farm last weekend! Devon Sutherland rode Nancy Winters Dazzling Nocturne and I rode The Zebedee Group’s Monbeg Zebedee in the Prelim both horses dressaged and jumped beautifully!
Here are Devon and Dazzle enjoying themselves!