Business Ben’s return to competing!

I am thrilled to share the incredible journey of Business Ben’s return to competing! This wouldn’t have been possible without the unending support and expertise of some amazing individuals and innovative technologies.

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Susan Johns for her exceptional care and dedication. Your expertise and guidance played a crucial role in Ben’s recovery and successful comeback. Your passion for equine well-being shines through in every step of the journey.
A special shoutout to Hailey Gahan, Ben’s exceptional groom and exercise rider. Your unwavering commitment, love, and care have been instrumental in his rehabilitation process. Thank you for loving this horse as much as I do, and for taking the reins with such diligence and attentiveness.

Let’s also acknowledge the remarkable team behind Equine Tendon Ltd.—Julien Moreau, Dr. Hank Offereins, and Dr. Stephanie Davis. Your expertise and guidance were invaluable in bringing Ben back to his full potential. The UTC scan technology, which provides insights into the quality of fiber and their response to the rehab program, is simply incredible!

Furthermore, a big thank you to the BEMER Horse-Set North America and Multi Radiance Veterinary for their contributions to Ben’s recovery. These innovative technologies have played a significant role in supporting his healing process and overall well-being.

Congratulations to everyone involved in Ben’s journey, from the team behind his recovery to the cutting-edge technologies that made it possible. Together, you have demonstrated the power of teamwork, expertise, and innovative solutions in overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness. I am so, so thankful to have you all as part of my team!!

Here’s to many more successful competitions and continued success for Business Ben! ??