Dressage at Barbury!

Dressage was today! The quality of Arthur’s work is far improved from Rolex, he definitely had the best connection, balance and presence of all the horses today, however, a couple of spooks cost us some valuable points. I was very pleased with with him in that despite his spooks he was immediately back to work, he wasn’t messing around and being inattentive or on the muscle. I definitely did not feel like I had to “keep a lid on him”; I could continue to ride him positively. We didn’t get to familiarize in the main arena and the judges blew the whistle right away on me so I didn’t even make it a third of the way around the arena before entering, so today was today, it is what it is! I feel very strongly that we would have smashed my Rolex score had I taken the quality I had today to Kentucky. I definitely prepared him as well as I could have and I am disappointed we didn’t win the dressage but I am not moping around unhappy either.
I have only walked the course once, but it looks great! Definitely some good questions and it will be an excellent test of fitness! I am excited to jump!!!!