USA Training Camp – Monday

I typically feed Arthur at 7:00 am and then walk him up to the main barn for turnout (about a 15 minute walk). He likes going out in the morning when it’s cooler and the flies aren’t biting yet. He generally has a canter around then a good roll, he loves standing under the little shelter (open on all four sides) in the shade. I do my yoga for about 30 minutes, read my book for a while (I am currently reading The Last Lecture which I highly recommend), and then go for a 30 minute run. I still haven’t dedicated any extra time to training my dog — I really do think he’s perfect as  is (I think many might disagree with me, but he’s just so entertaining I really wouldn’t know what to do with myself if he wasn’t here). Oded arrives today and we have lessons with him this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Katie Prudent arrives tomorrow and we have lessons with her tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday morning. A light day on Thursday then the final gallop on Friday morning. The final veterinary inspection will be approximately 6 hours after we gallop and then onto Kentucky. All the horses continue to look really great here!!


  1. I’ll be watching on Sunday…hope to see you on TV!! 🙂