The CAC Cross Country Course

I have just walked around the course for the first time. It is, unfortunately, about what I expected. I talked to Jon Holling (who is here coaching a couple Puerto Rican riders) about the course and we both agreed that it needs some drastic route changes to ensure the best footing and safest competition for the horses and riders. Fortunately Trish Gilbert is the TD and she has been great for us to work with. We will meet with her, the ground jury and the course designer at 230 today to see what changes can be made. I just wish we were able to walk around with the ground jury a couple of days ago to help them make the best course possible. This reminds me of the important changes we are trying to make for the rider rep responsibility at competitions. Just think if we could include a rider in the initial course walk how much earlier changes can be made instead of last minute!