On Helmets…. and what looks good!

I have decided that about 90% of the competitors would truly look so much better wearing their helmet in dressage. I have spent a lot of time watching riders at WEG and looking at photos. It was a big deal that Steffen Peters warmed up in his helmet at WEG despite the fact that he did change over to a top hat to compete. I maintain the fact that I believe it is a personal choice as to what one wears in the competition arena, but if someone’s argument is that the top hat looks better than the helmet, I personally think they are blind. The more I look at our outfits, the more elitist and ridiculous the top hat looks. I think it is merely a matter of what we are used to seeing, and in the dressage arena we are used to seeing a top hat, and frankly the top hat does not look better. Steffen Peters looked amazing in his helmet, I was disappointed to see him change into something that certainly did not look as good (although he always looks fabulous on a horse — I’m sure he could wear a native american head dress and still look good up there). I thought that the women riding sidesaddle in the opening ceremonies did their hair beautifully and had well shaped and sized top hats — they did look stunning! Most event riders look plain goofy in their top hats. I will say when I rode a reiner at WEG (which was an absolute blast) I did wear my helmet and it unfortunately will never be able to compete with the coolness that is the cowboy hat…. sigh.

A couple pictures to consider:


I will admit there was a time when I thought jelly sandals and jam shorts and crimped hair looked good too, and I am thankful that time has passed!!!


  1. I agree with you completely! Although I must say that Arthur always looks stunning regardless of what you wear.

  2. How right you are!! Helmets look fabulous!