Luhm hlen

I am happy to report that Arthur looked drastically improved this morning. He trotted up almost perfectly sound which makes me feel so much better (and I know him too)!! There is still a bunch of swelling in his lower leg — the forearm still has swelling but is almost totally down. We still need to do the xrays later on today to be certain there is no fracture. The concern is that he still says ouch pretty badly at the original site on the inside of his upper forearm and sometimes it takes a bit of time to see the fracture. There really is only skin and bone there, not much flesh to absorb the impact. I am hoping that because we have seen such dramatic improvement in just a couple of days, we are OK!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great round xc and you obviously rocked in dressage. Fingers crossed for clean xrays! Get home safely. Hang in there.