I have just returned from doing a clinic in Sun Valley, Idaho. What a beautiful place and such amazing people! I got to tie in two days of much needed R&R after the clinic and I now feel totally recharged. I hope I am asked back!!!!

My good friends Steph and Josh live in Idaho. Steph is an event rider that used to be based here in Middleburg, VA. Josh was on “Allie” duty most of the time (Steph had a horse show on Sunday) and he did not let down in his tour guide duties! We were joined by Ashley Wagener and S & J’s best Idaho friends, Pam and Brian.

After two days of teaching (where I was put up in a gorgeous mountain home and fed the most extraordinary meal), I was treated to a night of great music at the SFP Music Festival in Frederick. On Sunday we started the day with a tour of River Grove, the home base of Debbie McDonald and Brentina. I hate to use the word extraordinary twice, but this farm was simply that!!! I have seen a lot of great farms, but nothing I have seen compares to this and I would be hard pressed to find another that ever could! Debbie’s husband, Bob, gave us the grand tour. Thank you Bob!

After that we were onto the town of Stanley where we hiked up above the snowline to Sawtooth Lake — a gorgeous glacial lake tucked away in the mountains. Words cannot describe the beauty of this hike… I might just have to put some pictures up for your viewing pleasure!!! The next day we had planned on white water rafting, but the water was really really cold!!! So we opted for a long lazy lunch on the lake and then Josh & I golfed in the afternoon. Besides my Tiger Woods-esque chip onto the green and into the hole for my final shot of the day (I just had to mention this), our golf was fairly unspectacular, albeit hilarious!!! Then onto a gourmet dinner by Brian and hot tubbing! In the morning on the way to the airport, we pulled off the side of the road to soak in a natural hot spring. Again, another incredible Idaho experience!

Thank you all –Steph, Josh, Susan (Steph’s mom), Ashley, Brian, Pam, Shelley (organizer of the clinic) and Larry (host of the clinic) — so much!!! It was just what I needed!!!


  1. Sorry I missed it, it sounds absolutely wonderful! Was thinking of all of you over the weekend. I alsmost got my dad to fly me up so I could come play, but the sky looked a bit dodgy. Congrats on the WEG short list, fingers will be crossed and positive vibes sent your way. I’ve started on the “Allie eye program”. Thanks for the tip! Lots of love, miss you! xx