Greetings from Florida!!

Hello from sunny Florida! I cannot tell you how good it is to be down here…. well, I guess I can… it’s AMAZING!! All the horses traveled well, have all been body clipped and are now into their training routine. I am at a new barn this winter in Deer Run Equestrian Community. We are very close to Lion Country Safari which is a trip because we can hear the lions roaring at feeding time. This definitely raised a few eyebrows amongst my horses. We also hear what I think might be monkeys and a goat which sounds like a drunk man saying “Lorn.” Between all that, the gators sunbathing on the canal banks, and the Florida foliage and birds we feel like we are in a different world. That being said my horses are all happy to be here in the warm weather and are behaving remarkably well. The barn that I am at is wonderful –  huge ring with good footing, big open barn with all the necessary amenities, plenty of hacking and the landlords are a really cute family. I had my first lessons yesterday with Katie Prudent on Gus, Jack and Burger. It was good fun having fellow eventers Jennie Brannigan and Marcia Kulak in my lessons. My horses were all great, Burger was especially wonderful. He is so happy to be back in action. If a horse could have a cheshire cat grin on it’s face, Burger would have had one on yesterday. My working student, Galina, pointed out yesterday that Burger always looks ridiculously happy… he never pins his ears or makes an ugly face. Arthur always looks very happy too, but he is no fan of my dog going into his stall — I taught Bodie how to kiss the horses and Arthur never minded Bodie up until his first dog kiss, I think he found the whole idea foul and disgusting… Burger seems to like it… go figure. This afternoon I have a couple of dressage lessons with JJ Tate. She is such a wonderful teacher, I am really looking forward to reconnecting with her!