Dusty won the Training Level Three Day event at GMHA this week! This was a goal that Dusty’s wonderful owner, Nancy Winter, and I had set for him at the beginning of the year. Dusty was bred by Nancy and is related to Nancy’s horse Tre Awain’s Belfast whom she was short listed with for the 1984 Olympic Games. It was great to have so many friends and family members there to share this special occasion with. I enjoyed spending so much time with the Smartpak Team (Lizzie, Colby & Erin). They are all really smart (and really fun) horse enthusiasts that truly represent what a great company Smartpak is! I enjoyed helping (along with fellow Haygain rider Bonnie Mosser) all the other competitors doing their first long format three day. I think everyone at the competition learned a ton, made some great new friends and had the time of their lives!
Here is a picture of Nancy “icing” Dusty’s legs Vermont style after xc.