Jennie won! I am so happy for her. I really wanted the win this weekend but she and her lovely horse were super from start to finish.
Arthur was a class act today and show jumped better than ever. His technique has improved so much this year and despite not coming away with the placing I had hoped for I am absolutely thrilled by what he has become. I am so excited for next year.
I also want to make sure that everyone understands that I completely respect and think very highly of the officials at Galway this week (even more so after seeing them in the PRO golf cart races — which was complete mayhem!) I felt very strongly about my point of view and I know they contemplated a long time on it. It was a tough call to make and is a part of every sport. I do not want my disappointment to come across as unsportsmanlike in any way.
A huge thank you to Robert Kellerhouse and his staff for putting on a great event!!