I am here in beautiful Temecula, California for the first ever CCI*** on the West Coast. So far I am enjoying every minute of it here! Everyone is so friendly, the venue is fantastic, and it’s going to be a great competition! I am set to ride dressage at 2:40 pst today (so I need to get on in a little less than an hour… yikes better make this quick). Arthur is definitely feeling the California vibe — he has been so happy and relaxed here. He travelled fantastically well and once again is enjoying all of the attention from his  two girls (Libbi and I). The course is designed by Ian Stark and I really like it. There is plenty to do out there and there are many places where a silly mistake could catch out even the best horses and riders. I’m so excited to be here and thrilled that PRO has been able to help bring some East coasters to the West!!