AEC So Far!!!

Arthur has been super so far! He did win the dressage by a healthy margin, but once again I wasn’t very satisfied with my effort. I felt like I gave away some very important points through pure pilot error. All in all, it was still very good!
The cross country looked like a lot of fun. It was definitely on the soft side, but unfortunately not the footing… Which was atrocious!!! It was so hard! They did aerate the course, but unfortunately there wasn’t a way to put much needed water on it. I was told (by the team selectors) go as fast as needed to jump the jumps well, but they didn’t care how slow we cantered around the course. It was definitely in my plan to win Richland & the AECs, but winning this competition by going fast on hard ground just wasn’t in my horse’s best interest. I think I showed the selectors exactly what I needed to show them today. My horse, once again was super!!