USEA Convention

The USEA convention was this past week in Reston, VA. I always love the convention as it seems to be the only time during the year that I actually get to hang out with all my eventing friends. Usually we are zipping around at competitions. Reston wasn’t the most scenic of choices to have the convention (it would have been nicer to be in DC), but it did make it a little easier for me to go back and forth between home and the convention. Next year it is in Arizona so that will be a proper vacation. So the highlights of the convention were (for me) the PRO meeting we held. **** If you haven’t joined PRO yet, I beg you to do so now!!!! There is a level of membership for everyone and the organization isn’t just for professional riders as the name might imply; it is for all eventing enthusiasts: pros, amateurs, organizers, coaches etc. We are wholeheartedly working on the Pro-Tour for next year and we discussed starting a PRO-Am competition at other events. Very exciting stuff!!*** I also enjoyed becoming a part of the USEA Board of Governors. I think it is really important to stay involved and to help make this sport the best that it can be. The Hall of Fame Dinner on Saturday night was great fun as well. I love hearing all the old stories of eventing. We have sure come a long way!!