Training Sessions

The US eventers are so lucky to have Katie Prudent helping us!! We had her for two amazing days where she taught EVERYONE (riders and auditors). You can’t do anything but learn and improve your horsemanship when you are around this woman! I am so jealous (truthfully I am very happy for them) that the Developing Riders got to ride with her as I would have killed for this experience when I was a Developing Rider. I often think how my last few years might have been different had this kind of education been available to me earlier. Some think she is tough, but I think she is honest. She truly wants every single one of us to be our very best and she knows how to be a coach, an instructor, a horse trainer and a sports psychologist all in one. I do not know of another who possesses all of these qualities.
Arthur has been training so well. He had another two fabulous days. In the past few weeks he has shown me a whole new level that I am still pinching myself about!!! All of our hard work is really paying off!!!