I am in the press room using their wi-fi. So good to sit down and use my computer!!! As I type I am listening to Mark explain to the press why he believes this is a much easier four star course. Ha Ha!!! I have had a chance to walk the course twice now. I have also talked to many riders about the course. The consensus is that it is really tough. It is definitely much harder than any Kentucky I have ever ridden and definitely harder than the course at Pau last year. It is not as difficult as Burghley, so maybe that is his comparison. That being said, Arthur and I can do everything out there. I am going to walk it at least a couple more times and I am going to be thinking about the cross country lessons I had with Phillip prior to coming here. I have a plan and I have a good horse. I need to be a good pilot.
Arthur has had a lovely day so far. A long hand graze with Sarah in the morning while I walked the course for the first time, then a long hack and a bit of stretching flatwork with me just before lunch, he slurped (yes he slurps the food we make him) down his lunch, and then a massage from Leigh. Leigh is a Canadian that lives in England — we met her last year at Pau. She is a super physio and Arthur quite enjoyed his time with her. He got to relax all afternoon. Tonight I will get on him at 6 for the ring familiarization (long rein walk around the dressage competition arena), and then have a lesson with Bettina at 6:30.
The competition has been amazing. Everyone is so friendly. Last night there was a welcome party with sausage and beer. Being from Chicago, this was right up my ally!
We are having a difficult time getting the proper amount of sleep. It stays light until after 11 pm and is light at 4:15 in the morning with loud morning birds singing. We are always blown away by how late it is when we go to bed and then I have ben waking up with the sun and the birds! I got a little smarter last night and put my airplane eye cover and ear plugs in. Finally a good nights rest! Lord knows I will need it for the next couple of days!!!
Fingers crossed!!!


  1. Great ride, so happy for you and Arthur and Sarah.