The Plan!!!! and…. What We’ve Been Up To!

I have decided to go to Luhmuhlen!!!
The planning process has been a bit of a challenge only in that every spare moment of time that I have had since Kentucky seems to have been monopolized by my riders trying to get to the Central American and Caribbean Games. The CAC Games are to take place in Puerto Rico in July — not too far away. As you may recall, I was asked last year to coach Haiti. After the earthquake I thought we no longer had a team and then a couple of weeks prior to Kentucky Richard contacted me saying he felt very strongly about having Haiti represented at The Games. This meant we were starting the whole qualification process much later than we had originally planned — very little time, very few opportunities to qualify, A LOT of paperwork, special permission, passports, entries, begging, pleading, sitting trot lessons, and jog lessons. Never one to back down from a challenge, I made a plan and put it into motion!! Along the way I picked up a Venezuelan rider, Juan Larrazabal, and lost one of my Haitian riders, Richard — he realized he didn’t have the time to train and practice properly to do it safely and well. So I have had the 19 year old Haitian, Krystoff Carvonis, and the 20 year old Venezuelan, Juan Larrazabal. They are both very good jumper riders and they both have very good horses. The dressage lessons were initially hilarious. They have both worked so hard and they now look like real event riders — almost! The last ten days with these boys have been very entertaining! I have loved bringing two people into the event world from the jumper world and hearing their perspective on things. I think (hope) they have enjoyed themselves. After just three events, Juan is qualified for The Games! Krystoff will need to go to Bromont for his FEI qualification. We have A LOT of people to thank for helping us get this far!!! Shealagh Costello at USEF was AMAZING!!!! She helped us get all the paperwork right! This took ****HOURS**** of my time (time I didn’t really have to spare) and I’m certain, hours of her time as well. We had a lot of hoops to jump through, and she showed us the way!!! Thank you x 1000000000!!!! Also, David O’Connor, and the organizers and secretaries of the events the boys have competed at. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help!!!!
Now onto ME!!!!
Yes… Luhmuhlen is next! Arthur is perfect, I am determined! My travel plans, thanks to Paul Weygand at Mersant, are set. I love working with Paul. Fortunately we have done this a couple of times now, so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect and we also know to be prepared for the unexpected!!! I still have to figure out if ice can be easily bought in Germany!!! In France it was impossible to buy ice!!! That was unexpected. Does anyone have the answer to that question for Germany??
As you all know, a trip to Europe with a horse is no small feat. The finances involved are HUGE (I need to raise approximately $23,000)!! I will need a lot of assistance to make this all a reality! I currently am planning two fundraisers. One here in Upperville, Virginia at the farm on June 6 from 6-9. The second in Barrington Hills, Illinois on June 25 at Cresswood Farm. You can expect great silent auction items (a sneak preview of a few items: Haygain Hay Steamer, Charles Owen Helmets, $100 Gift Certificate to SmartPak, Harwich Eventer Bridle from SmartPak, Mattes Pad from World Equestrian Brands, a $600 Botox Treatment Package, lessons from your favorite pros, event entries, xc schooling passes and much much more. If you would like to come to either of these fundraisers, please email me at and I will make sure you receive an invitation. If you cannot attend, but would still like to help out… either a tax deductible contribution can be made to the AHTF ( or alternatively a financial contribution can be made directly to me. Both can be sent to me at PO Box 193 Marshall, VA 20116. Asking for this kind of help is the hardest thing for me to do!!!! I cannot thank you all enough for your continuous encouragement and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


  1. Kristina from Hamburg/Germany says

    Hi Alison,

    stumbled across your page because of your decision on wearing a helmet during your dressage test and I was looking for pictures. I think that this is absolutely the right way to go and with your example you encouraged me to do the same regardless of how others will react and what they might say.

    You mean crushed ice that you want to buy in Germany? Some supermarkets and usually most gas stations sell it and it should not be too hard to purchase (eg try/ask the Shell station in G?denstorf, ca 5km from Luhm?hlen). Please note that supermarkets are usually closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. I hope that helps!

    Wishing you and your horses good luck and also a lot of fun in Germany!