It’s always tough to be at a competition and not be competing. Show jumping was fun to watch but i was really disappointed not to go in there and have my turn. I have worked so hard on my show jumping and i am more confident than ever in our ability to go in there and get it done right.
I have to give a shout out to Jennifer Wooten. She had a lovely clean round!!!
We have seen great improvement in Arthur today. There is still a lot of swelling but it has moved down through his ankle now. He is considerably more comfortable, but still lame at the trot. There would have been no way for him to be good enough by today so it is very good that he was able to have the medication he needed yesterday. His spirits are up and seems his happy normal self. He is not painful standing or walking, so he should be able to travel home as planed (big fingers crossed). We will have a couple more xrays done Tuesday afternoon to make sure there is no fracture, but until that time we have to treat him as such. This means he has to remain standing, so he is tied up. Poor guy! I know how much he enjoys a snooze in the afternoon.
I am bummed that I didn’t get to finish, but as Capt Mark said I really need to take the positive away from the competition. He was amazing in dressage (in much tougher dressage company than Rolex) and he was brilliant xc. Mark thought he was the best through the water he was at all day. So that’s all good.
Now we just need to make sure my horse is ok! I am really praying that we are just dealing with painful swelling that is a nuisance but will go away with some time, meds, hydro therapy and wrapping. I will let you know as soon as I hear about the xrays!
Thanks for all your emails, texts and wonderful support!
xxxx Allison