Southern Pines

The weeks keep flying by here in Aiken! And we just had another great one!
Kaiti Saunders and her wonderful Truman came down for a week of training prior to Southern Pines. It was so much fun to see the two of them again and help them kickstart their season. They both look wonderful and had a solid first event of the year. They should be thrilled!
Arthur and I enjoyed another great training session with Katie Prudent prior to heading to Southern Pines. My goal of having solid performances — both in practice and in competition — continues to be accomplished. Arthur was very solid at Southern Pines. He even ate some grass during the prize giving!!!
I have started him on a new diet as his ulcers and appetite are always troublesome– whole soaked flax seed, soaked pelleted beet pulp, rice bran, whole rolled oats and whole rolled barley. He is also getting steamed hay from our new Haygain steamer — a truly AMAZING product that removes all the spores and nasty things from the hay, leaving all the nutrients and good stuff in a highly digestible and palatable way (it smells AWESOME). He thinks he is getting dessert three times a day. He is happy, relaxed and gaining weight! I am so happy to see such a dramatic improvement in him!
Burger has the thumbs up to do flatwork. He looks great jogging and for all his flexions. We attempted to put him on a lunge line SEDATED to watch him move, but he flunked – not for soundness reasons, but for sheer exuberance!!! I am so happy I can finally put him into normal work!!! He is certainly a very joyous fellow!


  1. Two thumbs up for Arthur and Burger!!

  2. I have a HaySteamer also and LOVE it. Very big difference with our pony with COPD and all the horses prefer steamed hay.