Safety!!! Wear your Helmet!!!!!

I am a huge safety freak!!!! I always wear my helmet when I ride… as should EVERYONE!!!!! I have been very disappointed this winter by some of my dear friends that choose not to wear a helmet on a daily basis. Actually, I am mad at them, especially some of the professionals that need to be an example to their students. Anytime you are dealing with a 1000+ pound animal you are not safe!!!! There is always some level of risk and everything should be done to minimize this risk. I love that one of my sponsors, The Equine Source, has started a Ride On Helmet Pledge. If you go to the website and take the pledge you will receive a 10% discount on any helmet. If you say that you don’t wear a helmet because it is not comfortable to ride in, YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT HELMET!!!! Get a new one!!!! There are plenty fashionable, comfortable and affordable helmets out there. It is my understanding that the recent accident incurred by Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye happened in an arena when her horse slipped and fell. She hit her head on the sand footing and suffered multiple skull fractures. My thoughts and prayers go out to Courtney and her family. I find it disappointing to see so many dressage riders not wearing a helmet (because, they say, they don’t jump — insanely stupid logic). I am very proud of my dressage instructor, JJ Tate, for wearing a helmet. I also hate hearing: “I wear one when I get on a green or naughty horse.” So many accidents happen on your best trained most dependable horse. They are animals and the silliest thing can set a horse off, or they can stumble (just like people do walking along). I encourage everyone to go to and take the helmet pledge today!


  1. Lee Ann Zobbe says

    Good for you–I’ve admired your riding, and now I admire your stance on this important subject. I grew up with race cars and it would just never be considered to get in and take off without your firesuit, safety harness and helmet. When the ASTM standards were instituted in helmets (1988? 89?) I put a helmet on for every ride. It’s just silly not to.

  2. Lynn Cronin says


  3. Lynn Cronin says

    And let me amend my “bravo” with the sincere hope that wearing the helmet EVERY time includes during dressage tests at shows, yes? 🙂

  4. Michelle Romano says

    Rock on, Allison! Thanks for saying it, as too many won’t.

  5. I admit it, I have not worn a helmet *every* time I get on the ring. Once or twice it was because I just forgot to bring it and the other couple of times it was out of pure laziness. From now on I take the pledge! I will wear my helmet everytime!

    Thanks for posting this, Allison 🙂

  6. Al, I am so happy to read your post. I worked in brain injury rehab for over 10 years and, while nothing or no one is infallible, wearing a helmet for any activity in which you are at risk is the least you can do to protect your brain. I am going skiing next week and am wearing a helmet this year, for the first time. Natasha Richardson’s accident last year solidified it for me. Bravo again for speaking out!

  7. Thank you Allison! Upper level riders who wear helmets set a great example. As a proud pony clubber, I’ve had ‘every time, every ride’ drilled into my brain for years, and it just makes sense. Kudos to you for speaking out!

  8. Thank you so much Allison! I think you’re setting a great example for both young and old riders alike! I saw a recent picture of you competing at Kentucky wearing a crash hat with tails and I thought it looked great! Good on you, and keep going with the campaigning!

  9. Carol Engles says

    Good for you Allison! I commend you for the great example you are setting – for all riders! Just last week, at our barn, a young woman right in front of me ( while I was sitting on my mare) was mounting, the horse lunged forwarded and bolted and she hit the back of her head on the hard Southern California ground. She was so lucky that she had a helmet on. As it turned out, she still had a headache and vision problems. We ALL know stories like these! I cracked a helmet 20 years ago and I am so glad that I had that uncomfortable, non-vented helmet on at that moment! Helmets are comfortable and STYLISH now – so there is no excuse!