Plantation Field

It has definitely been a whirlwind coming home! Only two days to get settled (Ha!) and then off again to another show. Fortunately it was just Burger and Truman (Kaiti riding) going to the show. Thursday was a bit of a rush all day and a lot of praying that I would meet no traffic on the way! I was on the road at 8:30 am (I had a last minute visit from my farrier who needed to re tap the stud holes in Burger’s hind shoes) and then off to Chesapeake City, MD for a lesson with JJ Tate (my dressage instructor) on the way to Plantation. JJ had Burger for a week while I was gone in England so I really wanted to touch base with her and learn about the things she was working on with him. I had a fantastic lesson, then a very quick shove Burger back on the lorry and try to make it to Plantation in time for the jog. The jog was to start at 3:00 pm, the navigation system said I would arrive at 3:00 pm… fingers crossed! The navigation system did take me through downtown Newark, DE and then throught the most scenic (narrow & windey) roads of PA. Needless to say I did not make it by 3! I was there at 3:15. Fortunately the 3* jogged last, although I was 2nd in the 3* to go. Bobby Costello’s girl (Abby) did a quick groom job on the Burgs for me while I ran & checked in with the secretary. I did my in barn inspection on the way to the jog and made it to the jog just in time! Burgs was happy to be somewhere new and geve everyone a spectacular show at the end of the jog — bouncing up and down shaking his head!
Dressage was ok. I tried to incorporate some of the new things we learned with JJ, which we mostly did successfully, but he felt lazy to me in the walk & canter. I tried to kick him forward in the walk, but he broke a couple of times to the trot instead of walking with more energy!
Cross country was amazing!!! I wasn’t really sure how fit he was as Sarah has been doing all his gallops for me. I knew he should be fit but you never know until you feel it yourself. He was very fit and so incredibly happy to be running around the XC. So much fun.
Show jumping was good. He jumped double clear, but the round didn’t feel amazing. The footing felt a bit dead to jump off of and I think that this is what I was feeling as the video is great to watch. He did try very hard to keep the rails up… and they did stay up! All in all a very good weekend for the Burgs. We finished 10th.
Fingers crossed that he receives a grant to go to Pau.