Sorry for the long gap in my blogging since Pau! Hmmm… so much to report on. Burger is home and happy. He is going to have a long and well deserved vacation. Arthur, on the other hand, is just coming off his long and well deserved vacation. He is fat (as fat as he gets) and furry. He has been without shoes for two months and just got a front pair put on to begin legging up again. He has been really well behaved (by Arthur standards). Tiamo has been incredibly good. It was a very difficult decision, but he has been put on the market for sale. He has had a bunch of different people trying him and he has been a rock star for everyone. I am in the process of trying to upload video of him onto youtube. I think I have successfully done the jumping video, but for whatever reason the dressage video has been a challenge. I am definitely NOT the tech whiz, so bear with me. For those interested, please search my name on youtube to find it. I will have my webgal post a link on Tiamo’s listing as well…. all this stuff is probably not as hard for others as it is for me — I will keep my day job! Mo continues to make steady progress in his recovery from the injury he sustained this summer. He just got a big thumbs up from the vet yesterday on his ultrasound, so he should be back under saddle in just a short while. Jack has been amazing as well… his flatwork is getting so wonderful, I can’t wait to show it off.
I have been trying a new horse which I hope to secure the funds to purchase. I don’t want to talk about now as not to jinx the situation or get my hopes up and have it not work out.
Sarah has a new horse that she has taken on for sale. It needs a ton of improvement on his flatwork and she has already made huge improvements in the horse. I think she will do an amazing job with this little horse. She is riding incredibly well right now, it is really fun to watch. Everyone needs to send Sarah & John (her hubby) some good luck vibes… as they are doing the ridiculous 3 a.m. Black Friday thing in order to get a TV they really want. Eeeesh!


  1. Hope Sarah is having fun with her sales project. Good luck on your potential new partner