Happy New Year from Florida!

Helloooo from Florida! I am soooo excited to be down here. The weather is amazing and the ponies are happy! I drove down, with help from my dear friend Andrew, on December 29. We thankfully had an uneventful trip down and the horses spent the next few days getting their hair did!!!! Our new girl, Hannah Ross, joined us from Iowa and spent her first four days clipping and completely covered in horse hair (probably the least fun job ever). Sarah stayed in Virginia with the rest of the horses and will meet us in Aiken on February 1. Needless to say, Hannah had some big shoes to fill this month and so far she has done so superbly!
I have taken a ton of lessons and am well pleased with the improvements that we have made in such a short time. I continue to work with JJ Tate on the flat and she is getting some amazing suspension out of Burger, I am really excited to see how much more we will get out of him by the end of the month. (And, of course, on into the future).
I have been jumping with Katie Prudent and she has been truly amazing. I head over to the show grounds tomorrow with Arthur and Jack for a little time in the ring.


  1. I was tickled to see your update. Glad you found Hannah to your liking. We miss her terribly and want her back !
    I will be at Rolex with press credentials and would like to do a short story for regional magazine. If that sounds like something you would do, pm me.