I am in Haiti now…. yes, Haiti. Actually it is amazing here. It is definitely a third world country, and my first experience at that. I am here coaching the new Haitian three-day team, I know what you are thinking, but it is nothing like the Jamaican bobsled team. The people connected with the horses here are fabulous. They are very eager to learn, they have good horses (all of them are imported from Europe or Argentina), and they are very teachable. The main point of this trip is to assess them, to see if competing in next summer’s Caribbean Games (a CIC 1*) is even a possibility, and how to get there from here. I am yet to meet all of my riders, but so far what I have seen is totally workable. They do a lot of jumping and not much dressage, so we will be working on a lot of dressage. They are eager to build what they need to practice the xc. All the food that I have eaten has been AMAZING — and I haven’t gotten sick yet! Fingers crossed. The family I am staying with is so kind, young and hip! They are very cool. I am definitely enjoying my time here!


  1. Dear Allison,

    It was a real pleasure meeting you in Haiti. Thanks for the time spent with us and for the excellent coaching. See you soon…