Great news!!!!

Sarah just called! The xrays look super! No fractures!!! They re-ultrasounded and they are happy with that as well. They are being extra aggressive about getting the swelling out of his leg as they prefer to no have him travel in bandages! I agree! I am much happier now.


  1. Allison! I am sorry to hear Arthur has sustained an injury which put you out of competition but glad to hear it is not major. You are a dedicated horsewoman and sports professional and made the right decision. Sounds like you had a very good run of it though and should be on track for the next time out. Alles gute. Best wishes, Erin Kath 🙂

  2. I am SO happy to hear this! Safe travels to Arthur on his way back to the states!

  3. Super news Allison – Way to go on your rides –

  4. That indeed is GREAT NEWS! I had my fingers/toes crossed for you and Arthur!

  5. Kristina from Hamburg/Germany says

    Good to hear that it is not a major injury and I hope Arthur gets better soon.

    I don’t know if you somebody told you, but your cross country ride was on German television. You can view it online on

    then under ‘Videos’ on the right hand side klick on ‘Klimke f?hrt in Luhm?hlen – NDR Fernsehen 19.6.2010.’ appr. 50min into the broadcast. Enjoy!