Burger was 4th!!!! I’m sorry to spoil all the fun & just cut to the chase, but I’m still in shock! Not that it surprises me, because he has turned out to be an incredibly consistent horse. What a good boy! He is on top of the world! His dressage was a bit disappointing, it wasn’t bad, but he has such tremendous potential and we have been working so hard on improving his flatwork. I guess I have to remind myself how relatively green he is to all things flatwork and have faith in the fact that he is only going to get WAY better. Our lack of confirmed flatwork was apparent in all three phases. Cross country was, of course, another really tough and long course. He did so much of it so very well, with the exception of just a couple places where I felt like I really had to “get it done.” He’ll jump anything I put in front of him, but I get to get him there, so jumping huge fences at speed in technical combinations, a little better flatwork would make the whole job easier. Essentially I need to fine tune our communication a bit. Fortunately he is an incredibly game dude and once he sees the fence, he’s jumping, we just need to get him to see the fence sooner! Show jumping days saw a lot of fences falling down. There were only 5 clear show jump rounds all day… and Mr Burger was one of them! He was a bit full of himself, so, again, better flatwork/communication would have made for a more elegant trip, but he wasn’t gonna touch anything!!! He just loves to take flight! What a great weekend! Yay Burger!

Picture by Sara Leiser


  1. Oh My! Look how wonderful Berger with his front. No wonder he didn’t drop any rails.