Arthur was fantastic in the dressage today. I think I was feeling very confident & relaxed with the superb preparation given to me by bettina hoy— love her! It was considerably colder and windy today, so Arthur felt very up!!! He also felt very on the job… I love how he is maturing. Two out of three of the judges had me winning, one was 4% different which left me in second. Regardless, I am thrilled with him.
I got to walk around the xc and then have a short jump school with Ann Taylor today. Both were fantastic. Just what I need for tomorrow.


  1. Hey Girl – we are thinking of you and wishing you great success tomorrow. Ride him like you hate him! Bomb around like we know you can! xx Sh

  2. Good luck!

  3. michele lobsinger says

    Congrats Allison. I am good friends with Lucy Eddins and know you only through Lucy bc she speaks so highly of you and what you have done with Arthur. I sold my Windstar mare after 3 yrs…we never meshed. Lucy use to tell me to hang in there, but I think it is different with some mares. Anyway..point..I am sooooo rooting for you and Arthur tomorrow on CC..we have followed you so closely for the last 4 years and we are so excited for you to have had such an incredible start to this 4*. You two are absolutely a breathtaking pair to watch and I wish you both only the best. You have a fan in Southern Pines! Most sincerely, Michele

  4. Hannah Bennett says

    Hey, just wanted to say how much I respect you for wearing your helmet in dressage. I think it is a wonderful statement to make, as I am a firm believer in the fact that you should never get on without your helmet. No one is so good that their horse never decides he’s scared of an imaginary monster. 🙂 Anyway, I saw you two go around at Rolex and you’re definitely one of my favorites to watch. Congrats on some beautiful dressage and cross country, and stay focused on those personal goals you achieved!!