Cocktail Party at The Palace!

So…. we’ve met The Duke!! On Thursday night at Blenheim Horse Trials, The Duke hosts a cocktail party for competitors, owners and VIPs. We got all dolled up and went. In another post I will include more pictures off other peoples’ cameras. Kathleen, Buck’s groom, and Sarah had to get ready at the lorry (where they were staying during the competition). It was really funny picking them up beforehand as they looked gorgeous standing in their wellies in the mud waiting for us!!! I had a lovely chat with The Duke, and then quickly learned everyone had the same lovely chat with The Duke… and I thought I was special! All conversations started the same…. “Are you a competitor?” He asked my dad this same question when he met him. Oh well! I was able to get some good “tourist” shots of myself with famous riders. William Fox-Pitt, Mary King etc.