Coat Defense

We use Coat Defense daily to keep my horses feeling fresh and fabulous. Used preventatively, Coat Defense safeguards against skin irritations and keeps their coats clean and healthy.

Amerigo Saddles

Moving to the winter farm has given us a great excuse to deep clean all our incredible tack from Amerigo Saddles Mid-Atlantic and Vespucci. We use Prime Time Leather Care to ensure that our tack is well cleaned and conditioned.


Thank you SmartPak for making sure our transition to Aiken has been a smooth one, for our horses and feed room! Use my code ASPRINGER50 for 50% off of your first month of SmartPak branded supplements!

BEMER Horse-Set

A lot has changed at ASE in the past month- from moving farms to heading down to our winter place- but something that hasn’t has been our BEMER Horse-Set schedule. We love the BEMER around here, we use it pre and post work out to ensure loose and limber muscles. Sometimes I even wrap up in it after a particularly long day!


Nupafeed is my secret weapon for peak performance. This magnesium supplement ensures calm focus, aiding concentration in the show ring. With a unique liquid formula, it’s readily absorbed, supporting muscle function and reducing tension. For a relaxed, responsive partner in competition, Nupafeed is my go-to.


When you’re working to produce a horse at the top levels, a robust training program is just the beginning. Treating horses as athletes means prioritizing their well-being. That’s why we choose Haygain – safeguarding our equine partners with clean forage and ensuring peak respiratory health. Because in eventing, every breath matters.

Amerigo saddles

Why do I choose Amerigo saddles? The answer is simple: quality and comfort. The precision craftsmanship and ergonomic design provide unparalleled support for both me and my horses. Riding in Amerigo is not just a choice; it’s a commitment to excellence.

Nupafeed USA

We love the Nupafeed Magnesium Concentrated Paste- it is specifically formulated to support calmness and muscle function in horses. Literally, you can find it in the feed room and in everyone’s trailers ready to go!

Used code Springer10 to get 10% off of your first order!


I absolutely love the SmartPak team—they’re amazing at customizing supplements for each of my horses! However, there is one supplement that every single one of my horses is on – SmartGI Ultra. This supplement offers the ultimate support for their entire GI tract and this is so incredibly important to me because without a healthy GI system the overall health and happiness of the horse suffers. In my opinion, this is a necessity for every horse!

And better yet, if you Order SmartGI Ultra Pellets in SmartPaks, you may be eligible for up to $15,000 of colic surgery reimbursement through SmartPaks ColiCare program!

Use my code ASPRINGER50 for 50% off of your first month of SmartPak branded supplements!

BEMER Horse-Set

I think Business Ben might think that we got the BEMER Horse-Set just for him, but truth be told, all my horses get Bemered daily. It’s a game-changer for their well-being, and here’s the kicker—I even use the horse leg cuffs on myself! If I get muscle sore (typically my legs and hips) the Bemer makes a HUGE difference! I feel a notable difference in the looseness of my horses when I use it pre-ride (especially the ones that might tend to be stiff or tight). It’s a win-win for us all!

If you’re interested in trying it out on your horse or purchasing a set, please reach out to me!!!