Back In VA

SOOOOOO good to be home! Sleeping in my own bed, seeing the horses relaxing in the fields at Foxlease. Dr Johns came out first thing Monday morning for a pre Rolex checkup. Both the horses look amazing. Arthur is in the best weight he has been going into a three day as well. Burger has never looked sounder/fitter/stronger — touch some wood everyone!
After some serious thinking, I am leaning towards only taking Arthur to Kentucky. I think Burger is still most likely ready, but The Fork didn’t go as perfectly as I had hoped. I am debating on taking him to either Jersey or Bromont 3*. I think in another month his dressage will be much more competitive and we still have some things to work out jumping.
I have entered Arthur in the VADA/NOVA spring Dressage show at Morven Park this weekend. We will do the Rolex dressage test both days AND JJ Tate (my dressage instructor) will be there. I have been missing her and am looking forward to some much needed advice!
I am jumping with Jan tomorrow. She has been a huge help with Arthur & my seemingly never ending struggle with my position!!!
I spoke with Katie Prudent (my show jump instructor) and she will be back in the beginning of the week. I will touch base with her on Tuesday and hopefully jump with her in the beginning of the week and go to Culpepper HITS later on in the week to do some jumper classes. Katie will be at Rolex as well!!! Yay!!
Did I mention how good it feels to be home??? I am excited for what I have planned in the next couple of weeks. I am so excited to go back to Rolex with Arthur!!!


  1. Eventersmom says

    Very excited to have found this blog! I have found that this is the only way to truly find out what is going on since media coverage is so limited, and there are no eventing reality shows! Ha Ha . Good luck at Rolex and may you have sweet justified rides! Kick some butt girl!