Burghley or Bust Fundraiser


Burghley or bust flyerA HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported Allison and Arthur by bidding on items in the Burghley or Bust auction as well as all of those who donated amazing products.  Click here to see Burghley Or Bust Auction Item Winners and Amounts Due. Please make all checks payable to Allison Springer and send to Frankie Thieriot- 16969 Taylor Lane, Occidental, CA 95465, and be sure to email us with your address and the size if that pertains to your item at frankie@athletux.com. Thank you!

Current High Bid: $150

JOJO Sox Bundle-Winning Bid: $150 April Whitlock

Frilly Fillies Custom Bonnet- Current Bid $115.00

Frilly Fillies Custom Bonnet- Winning Bids $130, $125- Zib Thieriot, Elvis Loves Eventing

Charles Owen Custom Helmet- Current High Bid: $450.00

Charles Owen Custom Helmet- Winning Bid: $480 Elvis Loves Eventing

Amanda Pierce Jumper Painting- Current High Bid: $400

Amanda Pierce Jumper Painting- Winning Bid: $475 Brie Murray

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 6.39.45 PM

MDC Stirrups- Winning Bid $300 Robin LaBella

Likit Bundle Pack- Current High Bid: $50

Likit Bundle Pack- Winning Bid: $70 Marissa Gump

Amanda Piece Jumper Painting- Current High Bid: $150

Amanda Piece Sport Pony Painting- Winning Bid: $230 Julie Shapiro Siegel

Mountain Horse Supreme Field Boots-Current High Bid:$390

Mountain Horse Supreme Field Boots-Winning Bids:$390, $395- Pamela Graves Longley, Elizabeth Thieriot

Charles Owen Body Protector-Current High Bid:$195

Charles Owen Body Protector-Winning Bid:$300 Kate Kilguss

Soless Visor-Current High Bid: $75, 85, 90

Soless Visor-Winning Bids: $95, $97, $100- Jana DiCarlo, Natalie Epstein, Zib Thieriot,

Gray & Co. Design Custom Brushes-Current High Bid: $145

Gray & Co. Design Custom Brushes-Winning Bid: $180 Mary Ann Gainesville Citizen

Jiffy Steamer-Current High Bid: $60

Jiffy Steamer-Winning Bids: $75, $75- Carolyn Springer, Elizabeth Thieriot

Weatherbeeta Cooler-Current High Bid: $55

Weatherbeeta Cooler-Winning Bid: $95 Julie Green Miller

Equine Liability Release-Current High Bid: $275

Equine Liability Release-Winning Bid: $335 Christa Gandolfo

Point Two Air Jacket-Current High Bid: $595

Point Two Air Jacket-Winning Bid: $600 Emily Lance Eyles

Body Work Session-Current High Bid:$99

Body Work Session-Current High Bid:$140 Malcolm Dilley

Amanda Pierce Foal Painting- Current High Bid: $85

Amanda Pierce Foal Painting- Winning Bid: $100 Allison Shapiro

Moxie Open Front Boots-Current High Bid:$90

Moxie Open Front Boots-Winning Bid:$100 Peter Isaacs

Electro Groom Horse Vacuum- Current High BId- $485

Electro Groom Horse Vacuum- Winning BId- $400 Beth Hester Platt

Neue Schule Bit: Current High Bid- $99

Neue Schule Bit: Winning Bid- $160 April Whitlock

Amerigo Leather Care Package- Current high bid- $75

Amerigo Leather Care Package- Winning bid- $90- Deb Ravenscroft

Mattes Pad- Current High Bid :$200

Mattes Pad- Winning Bid :$230 Robin LaBella

WEB Browband- current high bid: $90

WEB Browband- Winning Bid: $100 Elizabeth Thieriot

Amerigo Bib-Current High Bid: $95

Amerigo Bib-Winning Bid: $95 Robin LaBella

Nupafeed: Current High Bid- $145

Nupafeed: Winning Bid- $155 Gretchen Baxter

Animals to Wear Charge Sweatshirt- Current High Bid: $60

Animals to Wear Charge Sweatshirt- Winning Bid: $90 Elizabeth Thieriot

Pink Animals To Wear Long Sleeve- Current High Bid: $65

Blue Animals To Wear Long Sleeve- Winning Bid: $85 Elizabeth Thieriot

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 5.07.15 PM

Pink Animals To Wear Long Sleeve- Winning Bid: $80 Marissa Gump

Lesson with Allison: Current High Bid- $85

Lesson with Allison: Current High Bid- $110, $200- Julie Green Miller, Christy Sargent Donohue

Bardsley Bundle: Current High Bid- $75

Bardsley Bundle: Winning Bid- $115 Elvis Loves Eventing

Style Stock Stock Tie- Current High Bid: $40

Style Stock Stock Tie- Winning Bid: $75 Sara Kilguss

Buckeye Supplements- Current High Bid: $50

Buckeye Supplements- Winning Bid: $70 April Whitlock

Flair Nasal Strips- Current High Bid: $35

Flair Nasal Strips- Winning Bids: $40 $45 Julie Green Miller, Trista Jo Cline

Smooth Operator Animals to Wear Sweatshirt: Current High Bid- $60

Smooth Operator Animals to Wear Sweatshirt: Winning Bid- Elizabeth Thieriot- $70

Guardian Bedding Swag Bag Retail Value: $350 current high bid: $240

Guardian Bedding Swag Bag Retail Value: $350 Winning bid: $250 Elizabeth Thieriot