Pics from France!!!

The Grandstand at Clairfontaine Racecourse

The grass warm up area. We warmed up here for dressage and XC.

Artistic dressage shot of us right before we enter the dressage ring

Clark Montgomery getting ready to head down centerline.

Final standings after dressage… you might have to get out your magnifying glass to read it. But a very proud moment for me and Mr Farty Pants!

Sarah handgrazing Arthur… loves the grass in France!

Arthur checking out the 4 in hand driving horses…. totally scary! Notice he has grown to 18 hands!

Live music at the trade fair daily

The Hermes booth at the trade fair actually had one of their saddle makers there!

Walking the XC

This is pretty funny… it was really an athletic feat to walk the xc course! The course was all within the racecourse. Many fences were over pre-existing steeplechase fences. There was a lot of fake plastic brush everywhere. It was really thick and very wide… very challenging to get over. We all had very awkward moments trying to negotiate the brush. Being the good friend that I am… I had to capture someone in their struggles. Here is Stephen Bradley doing the splits (stuck in the splits) with the meter wheel. Heee Heee!