Monbeg Zebedee

Gives me such joy when my owners are able to join me at my competitions and see the horses get rewarded for their hard work! Congratulations to Louise Whittet, Natalie Epstein, and Nancy Winter!Thank you for joining me on this journey with Monbeg Zebedee who has proven himself as a young horse. I’m ecstatic for this horses future!

Thank you United States Eventing Association for the awesome action shot!

Thanks so much to Monbeg Sport Horses for sharing this adorable Zebedee baby picture!!!!!! I owe a big thank you to Kitty King Eventing for giving him such a wonderful start and to Joanie Morris and Richard Picken Four Schools Farm for connecting us! As always a huge thank you to the Zebedee Group Natalie Epstein Louise Whittet and Nancy Winter for joining me on this awesome ride!