Summit Max Animals

I can't stop talking about Summit Max Animals and Eternapureusa, and there's a good reason why—it really works! For our dogs, Summit Max has been a game-changer in easing any aches and pains. This pharmaceutical-grade Chondroitin 4 Sulfate is pure … [Continue reading]

Hoof health

Hoof health starts with proper nutrition - that's where BUCKEYE Nutrition comes in! I absolutely love their grain. Their science-backed formulas are carefully crafted to provide horses with all the essential nutrients they need for optimal hoof, not … [Continue reading]

There is something special about a horse show set up

There is something special about a horse show set up, that makes things feel electric! Thanks for keeping us decked out! … [Continue reading]

EQyss Grooming Products

Shine, baby, shine! ?? Business Ben, looking like a dazzling star at the Maryland Horse Trials, all thanks to EQyss Grooming Products ! ? This shiny superstar is truly a head-turner, and we owe it all to EQyss for giving him that extra glow! Thank … [Continue reading]

Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad

My horses love the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad from World Equestrian Brands . This pad is simple to use and makes such a big difference. A lot of my horses take a nap while they are wearing it, that is how relaxed it makes them! … [Continue reading]

Seeking a Head Groom/Barn Manager

Calling all individuals with a passion for equine excellence! We are seeking a Head Groom/Barn Manager to join our esteemed team at Allison Springer Eventing. As Allison’s "Right Hand Man" (or woman!), you'll be responsible for the smooth … [Continue reading]

Millbrook Horse Trials

What an incredible time at Millbrook Horse Trials! From start to finish, the event was a fantastic experience. The course designer did an outstanding job creating a challenging yet fair course, and the attention to detail was evident all over the … [Continue reading]

Congrats to Devon Sutherland and Cash

Huge congrats to Devon Sutherland and Cash on their 3rd place at Hunt Club Farms in their first Training! … [Continue reading]


We expect so much from our horses, so it is only fair that they expect us to be athletes too! Aside from my own exercise routine I like to use PureC4S Daily from Eternapureusa to support my own well-being. It is packed with essential nutrients, … [Continue reading]

Nupafeed USA

When it comes to optimizing the performance and well-being of my competition horses Nupafeed USA really stands out! There are so many reasons that I really appreciate this supplement. Nupafeed contains targeted nutrients that promote a sense of … [Continue reading]