BUCKEYE Nutrition

BUCKEYE Nutrition provides optimal horse nutrition, promoting health and performance. Trusted ingredients, tailored formulas—fueling my athletes for success. … [Continue reading]

Jumping Branch Farm

Not sure how I forgot to include two amazing horses in our barn that competed Jumping Branch Farm last weekend! Devon Sutherland rode Nancy Winters Dazzling Nocturne and I rode The Zebedee Group’s Monbeg Zebedee in the Prelim both horses dressaged … [Continue reading]

Kunkle Equestrian Gloves

Kunkle Equestrian Gloves : my all-weather choice for a secure grip, durability, and comfort! … [Continue reading]

Jumping Branch Farm

Allison Springer Eventing had a great weekend Jumping Branch Farm! In the Junior Novice Katie Tyer was the big Winner and Sophie Schroeder was third! In the Junior Training, Ava Linder was 2nd and kendall Adams was 4th. In the Open Training I was 1st … [Continue reading]

Pinetop Eventing

We had an excellent start to the season at Pine Top Eventing. Nancy Winter's No May Moon was 1st in the AI and The RICO Syndicate's Vandyke was 2nd in the AI. The Zebedee Group's Monbeg Zebedee was mostly super but a silly green moment kept him out … [Continue reading]

EQyss Grooming Products

EQyss Grooming Products is the secret to our winter shine! … [Continue reading]

FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips

I trust FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips to optimize airflow, promoting peak athletic function. Elevate your horses' comfort and stamina with this simple, elegant, effective solution. … [Continue reading]

Charles Owen helmet

My Charles Owen helmet is a constant companion! Whether in the barn or in the saddle, safety is paramount. And with my Charles Owen close by I’m always ready to ride at a moment's notice. … [Continue reading]

Veredus USA boots

Veredus USA boots are essential in my barn. Each horse's needs are unique, and Veredus offers a boot to suit every individual. Listening to the horse and choosing the right protection matters. … [Continue reading]

Coat Defense

We use Coat Defense daily to keep my horses feeling fresh and fabulous. Used preventatively, Coat Defense safeguards against skin irritations and keeps their coats clean and healthy. … [Continue reading]