Time for bed!!!

It is 3:30 in the morning and I am finally finishing up on my list of things to do (tonight’s list of things to do!!! — there are more lists!!!). The work sometimes seems endless when you have your own business — it’s definitely not all play with the horses! I feel like I have been working non-stop! This has been an incredibly busy time of year for me. Fortunately I do feel like I am getting it all done… and I have many exciting things on the horizon.
Things to report!

Arthur looks fantastic. He went into the vet for a bone scan and another ultra-sound on his leg. All is good! From the ultra-sound we could see where the vessel was damaged and there was still a small amount of seepage. This is something that just heals on its own. The bone scan results were excellent as well. He is happy to be on vacation and we will try to get weight on the poor beast!!! He does not do well with quarantine on the way home.
Jack is back doing flatwork again. It felt so great to ride him! I hope he has no more unlucky set backs.

Jamie and Claire (two of my Young Rider students) are riding better than ever!! They are both gearing up for the NAYRC in Kentucky later this month. I feel privileged to have helped these girls turn into the amazing riders that they are today. They have both come such a long long way. I am so very proud of them!

Krystoff (my Haitian rider), whom we call The Princess of Haiti, finished his qualifications at Surefire Farm. His celebrations after the Cross Country finish were hilarious. Again it has been a huge privilege and an honor to help Krystoff realize his goals. We are onto Puerto Rico for the Central American and Caribbean Games later this month. We are going there with a big goal!!!

I was home in Chicago last week teaching a ton and then another successful and fun fundraiser. I love being home so much… I keep feeling the pull to go back…

I leave to morrow for a clinic in Sun Valley, Idaho. I am really excited to be teaching in a beautiful area. I love the West. I will take a much needed two day vacation there! I am spending time with my good friends Steph and Josh who moved out there from Middleburg a few years back now. Possibilities include white water rafting, water skiing, a great concert, hopefully some sleep too!!!

Speaking of sleep…. I am going to try to catch a couple hours right now!!!