The Central American and Caribbean Games

I am in Puerto Rico this week with my Haitian rider, Krystoff Carvonis, for the Central American and Caribbean Games. This has turned out to be quite a trip so far. We are in the middle of hurricane season here so it has rained everyday! So much for time in the sun on the beach!! The competition begins tomorrow with a 7:30 am jog (ouch). What I am looking forward to tomorrow the most is walking around the cross country course for the first time. Saying this venue was a little behind schedule is a HUGE understatement!!! I understand all the rains would cause changes in the course, but nothing was in place!!! The “water jump” was a huge mud hole with the base sitting in piles beside it (I guess they thought they could construct a water jump in just a couple days prior to the competition?!?!?), the banks were just built this week (with all this rain I have huge concerns about the stability of the ground at the bank — just as with the water jump this is something that should have been built months ago so it could set and be solid), and we have been watching them try to figure out where to put xc jumps all week. This is going to be interesting to say the least. I am hoping for a safe track at the very least, but really don’t have my hopes too high that we will get that! Today we got to have the competition dressage arena to ourselves to ride in. I wish familiarization at Rolex or any other CCI included riding in the actual competition arena!!! That would be nice!!!

Our Haitian “Team”. Me – Entrenedor, Krystoff Carvonis – Rider, Libbi Kelley – Personal Técnico, and Chopin – horse!!