Clarification of WEG Credentials and Tickets

If you are linking to my blog from Eventing Nations Website about the US not giving the alternates tickets, I have been asked by Sara Ike to clarify things for you all. As alternates we were never going to be credentialed — athlete credentials are very different than having tickets to watch competition at WEG. Our job was technically over on Monday when we knew we were not going to compete. Yes it was my decision to stay and cheer on the team that I had trained with and at one point felt a part of. For me to go to opening ceremonies and to be on grounds at WEG up until Wednesday (when I was first asked by the team if I needed tickets for eventing) I did need to rely on the generosity of my friends for tickets. I am very grateful that the team paid for my hotel room. And I am grateful that they did eventually offer me tickets, but I honestly didn’t think that they were going to. I wasn’t expecting them to. There wasn’t a lot of communication, I did feel like I was in the dark about things, but I certainly was not complaining about it either. I have wonderful friends that were just as excited about me to cheer on the US Eventers. The point of my statements in my earlier post was to thank my friends for amazing tickets and a great week with them. I certainly did not intend to throw anyone at the team under the bus.  It has been an honor to be a part of this group of people.


  1. Watched the competitions this past Sunday and I am proud of the US team! Great job!! Would have loved to see you out there and will continue to support ya! There were some amazing competitors (horses and riders) and it was fun to watch–Fox-pitt was incredible!!

  2. What a load of political hooey for you to be commanded to do so. It is shameful that all of you should not be allowed to watch whatever you want while you are there. I can only hope you and Arthur receive better treatment in the future, which you clearly deserve. It saddens me deeply to see people who work so hard simply shrugged aside because they are not one of the Golden Named Ones. Thank you for being a strong and positive role model for all eventers and know that many, but MANY of us out there support you.