Wednesday Jog

All American horses passed the first jog. Arthur put his shine on as usual and had his most professional trot up to date. Ollie & Carousel Quest got sent to the hold & then passed. Frances whittingham (spelling?) as well. Not sure if anyone else was held, but many were asked to rejog straightaway.
All CIC 3* dressage is thursday. All CCI 4* on Friday. I have had fabulous lessons with Bettina Hoy and am very excited for dressage.
I have not walked the XC yet, but all the riders say there is A LOT to do. Supposedly it is more user friendly than last year but most everyone was wiped out last year, so it’s difficult to know what to expect!!! It doesn’t sound easy at all, but then again, no four star is! I am excited to see it for myself tomorrow.