Trying to get home!

Because I ad to buy a last minute ticket to France, I used to bid for the lowest possible price. They did give me the lowest price ($1,000 less than anywhere else on the internet), but it was still over $2000 and my return flights home are horrible! I have to fly Monday night (tonight) to Copenhagen and then my flight to Dulles leaves from there at noon on Tuesday (tomorrow). I thought it wouldn’t be so bad b/c I was saving a lot of money and then I could sight see in Paris for the day. I LOVE museums so I was very excited to go to the Louvre. So I set out only to find that today was the first day of a strike on the main train between the airport and Paris. The train was sooooo incredibly overcrowded and hot. It took 2 hours to get to Paris. There were a bunch of confused American tourists on the train and one very helpful frenchman that could speak English well. He told me to absolutely not get off the train as I would never be able to make it back later when rush hour was to begin. What about a cab? He said it would be very difficult to get one and the driving traffic was reported to be twice as bad today with more people driving than usual. So I rode the hot train back. At least this time I found a seat this time. Of course I didn’t get back in time to go standby on the earlier flight to Copenhagen. Oh well…. so here at the airport I wait. I miss my dog! I miss my family! I miss my friends! I really miss my bed!