The Final Gallop

Today was our final gallop before Kentucky. It began and ended in the most perfect way. Greeted and sent off by the greats. The first paddock we passed was home to Biko & Prince Panache (Karen O’s famous partners). They were having a snooze (Nash was passed out). I asked if they had any advice for Arthur. Nash remained passed out, Biko raised his head, looked at us and seemed very content, as if all was in order. No advice needed. As it should be. We carried on. We had a great gallop. The footing was perfect, my horse was lovely, I was happy. On our way back down we were greeted by Custom Made & Giltedge (David O’s famous partners). Taylor gave Arthur a good lecture (via a huge squeal) & Arthur seemed to concur that he was still the Boss Man and, yes, he would try his very hardest in Kentucky. A very good send off.


  1. I love the communication between Arthur and the boys!! 🙂 Best of luck in Kentucky!

  2. Allison and Arthur–Good luck at Rolex! Ride like you mean it but take a moment to know how good you are to have gotten to that place no matter what the outcome>

  3. Haha nicely said, good luck in Kentucky!

  4. Congrats on currently leading in dressage at KY. Mostly though, LOVE the helmet. Looks great and sets a safe example. also doesnt get destroyed in the rain!! I’m rooting for you; keep up the good work!!!