After Blenheim was cancelled, everyone was scrambling to make alternative plans. I desperately wanted to go to the World Cup Final in Deauville, France. On Monday morning I was told that they were not accepting any more entries, that I could absolutely not get in… bummer. OK…. Plan C? There is a CCI *** in Kreuth, Germany the week after the World Cup and I could get into that. It is supposed to be a very good event. It would be a very long trailer trip for Arthur as Kreuth is on the other side of Germany. So my Plan C was: fly home for the week so I could compete Burger & Jack at Plantation Field and help some students there, then meet Arthur and Sarah in Germany the following week. I said goodbye to Arthur, Sarah & my new British friends and was on my way home. As soon as I landed in DC, I had a bunch of messages that I was now invited to the World Cup Final…. Are you Kidding me??? Eric Williams picked me up at the airport (with Bodie — Eric & Sheryl always have my dog when I go out of town). We went back to His farm and the two of us on computers hatched out a plan. Plane ticket, rental car, driving directions, entry faxed etc. I got to spend one night at home with my dog and one morning at the barn. I had to organize everything at home. How to get my students to Plantation, who would help them there, Phillip to ride Burger there for me, packing for everyone and rearranging entries for the following weekend at Middleburg. It was great to see my other horses and Mo & Jack seemed especially happy to see me again… that always makes me feel good! And then, back off to the airport! I could harldy sleep on the flight as I was the middle seat of the middle section in the second to last row of a full flight. The guy next to me kept elbowing me… uggh! And of course my duffle bag with my riding boots never made it… I almost cried… but I’m not a crier! I drove to Deauville and was soooo happy to see how beautiful the place was. I’m In France & Plan B is in motion!


  1. Allison, this is such amazing news. I’ve been following your blog/story for a long time. I’m so very proud of you and Arthur! My family and I are wishing you nothing but success! You and Arthur are SUPERSTARS!! Keep up the amazing work!