I had a great time at the USEA convention in New Orleans. It was my first time to this amazing city. I heard a lot of great music, ate a lot of great food, had fun on Bourbon Street and spent money at the French Market. Oh…. and there was the convention too!!! I think that went really well. I am on a couple of committees — The Young Event Horse Committee and The Professional Horseman’s Council. The Young Event Horse program is a really great concept that has worked very well in Europe. It is a relatively new program in this country so it has, of course, been through some growing pains. I think that we had a really productive meeting and we will see many of the improvements that we have been working so hard on come to fruition this year. The Professional Horseman’s Council is also a relatively new group. What’s exciting about this group that it seems like many of the other committees really want to hear how we feel about different issues/rules/new ideas within our sport — we are really in a position to influence some real change. The hottest issue this year seemed to be Dangerous Riding and improving the level of safety and education in every area of the sport. Eventing didn’t have the greatest year in 2008, but I think a lot of good is coming out of it. I also got to take advantage of some media training. Lights, camera, action… I was put on the spot with some tough questions. It was great to learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations better, and also to watch my interview right away and critique it. I need to stop saying “ummm.” I also got to be the lovely pilates model for my dear friend, Robby Johnson. Robby did a lecture in the educational series about pilates. I think his lecture went really well, and I am excited to continue on with the work that he showed me. I know it will really help my riding. I always love the USEA convention, because it’s great seeing everyone out of competition mode. I always look forward to reconnecting with my Illinois roots — Howard Simpson, Tom Moxley, John Sheets, The Merciers, The McMorriss to name a few. Arthur won a fat gift certificate from Bit of Britain for being Reserve Champion in the Advanced Gold Cup. After my night of Kareoke (I can’t help myself) on Bourbon Street, John Nunn threatened to rescind my gift certificate and give me singing lessons instead. Honestly, my singing doesn’t bother me!


  1. Allison, I’m so proud of your blog! I love it! I cannot wait to see you in Aiken and to finally get to ride Tiamo. You’re the best. How are those obliques? I was telling someone about your rotation the other day.