It’s All Happening!

I am sitting at Dulles waiting to start my travels to Germany!
I have some excellent news to report! Both my Haitian rider, Krystoff, and my working student, Jamie, have both achieved their qualifying CCI* results at Bromont. So Krystoff is well on his way to competing in the Central American & Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico next month and Jamie gets to go to the North American Young Riders Championships next month as well. I am so proud of these two! I have been really nervous this week. I assumed I was feeling the pressure to do well in Luhmuhlen. When I got the news that Krystoff & Jamie both got the job done, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders!!! Now it is my turn turn to get the job done! I am excited!
I have had a great week with Arthur. He feels better than ever. I had one of the best dressage schools I have ever had on him, he galloped so beautifully for his final fitness day at Stonehall, and he was relaxed and happy showing at Upperville this week. We are definitely ready to shine at Luhmuhlen!!!