England Day 3!

So last night, on a whim, Libbi and I headed into London for dinner. We didn?t have a set plan, but figured, what the heck! I emailed my friend, Sam, who lived in London for a while and she had us on our way to Covent Garden. It was a cute area with a lot of restaurant?s and bars. We couldn?t stay out very long as the last train back was at 11:25 pm.

On Friday. I went for an hour long walk on Arthur in the morning. We went on a bit of an adventure, through tunnels and down footpaths, until we ran into what I thought looked like a gypo camp in the distance, so we quickly turned around and went back. I have seen enough Guy Ritchie movies to let my imagination run wild with the thought of Arthur & I being robbed of all our valuables and having to walk home naked or something ridiculous like that. My trusty horse concurred with my decision to flee the scene!
In the afternoon I had the opportunity to ride with Jessica Ransenhousen (Missy?s mom and the chef of the US Dressage team). She gave me some great pointers on the test, and was really helpful on his walk and halt work (Arthur?s most challenging stuff !)
When we were all done with the barn, we drove up to Newmarket to check out the gallop we would be using in the morning. Newmarket has tons of horse racing as well as gallops where people train their racehorses.
Afterwards, we all went out to dinner in Newmarket. The evening turned out to be a bit of a laugh. Somehow we befriended this guy who had lost 7000 Brittish pounds racing that day. He didn?t seem too down about it as he kept sending us bottles of wine and plenty of laughs. By the end of the night Becky Holder & I were trying to armwrestle him. I lost, she was victorious with the added help of Karen O?Connor. Too funny!