Bromont Day 4

We had an unusually relaxed Sunday evening. Burger looked fantastic coming off the cross country. He recovered very quickly and was ready to jump again! Sarah had him looking tip top for his Jog Sunday morning, which he passed with flying colors. Then we had ALL day to wait to show jump!! The Team did their vet history and trot up/longe prior to show jumping. This was nice to get it done with (at Rolex they looked at horses on Monday morning) so we could get on the road back to Virginia asap! When it was FINALY time for the 3 star jumping to begin, we were ready. The course was beautiful and Burger jumped perfectly!!! His round can be viewed at They have his show jump round and a little bit of his xc. If a horse could smile, that is what it would look like!!! Jumping makes him happy!! With his clear show jump round, he ended up 5th place! Yay Burger