A New Plan – A New Pit Crew

So I am still incredibly bummed about cross country day at Burghley. It was a huge opportunity that I was unable to capitalize on. I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking why on Earth didn?t I do this or that. Fortunately, despite having 3 different stops, my horse did a lot of things well and I know he didn?t come off the course needing a confidence boost. He didn?t have and scary jumps that would have shook him up and worried him. What I knew he did need is a ton more exposure to this kind of a competition and he needs to work and focus through his spooks MUCH better.
We are on to Blenheim tomorrow. Prior to making this decision I had him checked over by the vet and farrier and he was given the thumbs up to go. He looks and feels fantastic. My other option was to come home and do Fair Hill in a month. This plan did not appeal to me as he has done Fair Hill (and Fair hill does not provide the same atmosphere as Blenheim & Burghley), his season would be much longer, and I feel like after the horses are sent back home they come out of quarantine nackered (skinny, tired & ready for a good break). So Blenheim it is! It will be very cool to go back and experience Blenheim minus the mud & rain!!!

UNFORTUNATELY?. I had to say goodbye to Diane and Libbi today. It was really tough to say goodbye. Thank you guys so much for being here with me and I am sorry that we weren?t celebrating on Sunday. And, Libbi, I am sorry you didn?t get the grooms award that I know you would have won had I finished — Arthur looked the BEST of all the horses there.

FORTUNATELY?. I am going to be joined by Charlotte Dennis (Charlie) and Billy Register. Charlie was the natural horsewoman that helped the O?Connors in the winters in Florida when I used to work for them. She was there the winter I bought Arthur when he was so difficult, wild and spooky. She helped me everyday with him and really helped to form the special relationship that Arthur & I have today. She has been amazingly supportive and helpful and I think will offer some great insight into how to continue to work through his spookiness. She is picking us up & taking us to Blenheim tomorrow in her Lorry & will groom for me this week. I cannot thank her enough!!!! Billy Register will be coming along as well. Billy was with us for most of Burghley too. He is Shannon Crocker?s ?brother? (not by blood, but definitely her brother). He lives in London now and was super to have around last week. It will be great to have him this week too! I cannot thank him enough!!!

I am getting a lot more excited and a lot less depressed as I write this. I don?t have a good draw (lucky #13) which means I will do dressage early on Thursday ? the toughest scoring section — so I am going to have to pull off a spectacular test (which I fully intend on doing!!!).

Stay tuned? I am certain to have some more fabulous Gillian stories too!!!


  1. Good Luck Allison. I know you two will do great!

  2. Hey girl! Good luck this week. I know Charlotte and Billy will take great care of you without me there. I really enjoyed Burghley and miss you and Arty already! I wish I were there. Go kick some Blenheim booty!

  3. Go A & A! Just saw that you are leading the Blenheim dressage…you have lots of cheers coming from this side of the pond!

  4. Awesome dressage Allison! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you here in Canada. Hope you have the ride of your life tomorrow 🙂