Eventing at the international level is expensive. The cost of training, competitions, travel, veterinary care, and other expenses, plus multiple trips away from home and lost income from Allison’s teaching and training business is immense. Great sponsorship and the support of owners and friends help make it all possible!


Bardsley Products was established in 2003 to provide and manufacture cruelty-free products that, above all else, actually work for horses in all levels of riding, showing and disciplines. Because they want horses to feel good when being bathed and believe that they deserve the absolute best, they have created products that not only smell good but feel good too! By featuring products with natural botanical sources blended with essential plant oils, they have achieved their goal and have created a superb product for the fine equine! Allison’s horses are known for their beautiful coats and well turned out looks, making this partnership a natural fit.


Your horses are only as good as the quality of feed they are eating and Allison is very in tune with her horses nutritional needs. Because of this, Allison only feeds Buckeye Nutrition grain products because she knows that they take care selecting the ingredients they use. They go to great lengths to ensure that Buckeye Nutrition feeds are made of only the best, certified ingredients. With their extensive line of quality formulas, you’re sure to find the perfect feeding program for your horse. The foundation of their success dates back to 1910, with flagship products like Buckeye Nutrition Gro ‘N Win, Cadence, and Ultimate Finish, to innovative solution based feeds such as EQ8 and Gut Health. Buckeye Nutrition is a brand you can trust and the only one Allison stands behind!

bimeda_equine_logoBimeda Equine is known globally for their quality range of equine products, including veterinary pharmaceuticals, animal health and nutritional products for horses. Within the United States, Bimeda Equine offers a wide portfolio of products to treat various conditions and keep horses healthy. Allison and her Vets trust Bimeda to provide them with the best veterinary products on the market, and are thrilled to partner with this company.

Charles Owen

Allison takes wearing head gear very seriously which is why she trusts Charles Owen to provide the very best in a helmet! Not only does Charles Owen offer state of the art headgear, but their designs are both fashionable and comfortable, assuring you look and feel your best while riding. The C.O. Triple standard helmets are viewed by many, including Allison, as the “Gold Standard” in the industry. As the first rider to ever wear a helmet in dressage at a 4* event, together Allison and Charles Owen have changed how people view helmets and the importance of protecting yourself!


Show your Barn Pride at shows with Custom Stall & Halter Guards made by DecoPony! Unlimited designs & colors that won’t fade, get dirty and are easy to clean. Allison is never without her fantastic Deco Pony stall guards and halter guards at shows!

Ecovet Logo

Research has shown that certain fatty acids act as insect attractants, while others are repellents. Ecovet uses a proprietary mixture of naturally occurring fatty acids that confuses and overwhelms the insect’s normal directional ability, so the insect is unable to locate your horse as its next victim.

logoEquine Advantage LLC develops, manufactures and markets proprietary health and performance products for the equestrian market.

Sooth’n Cool ™ Gel, the first in a line of premium products developed by Equine Advantage, is an easy to apply cooling gel that is a superior alternative to clays, liniments and other post work treatments. The gel can also be used as an aid for muscle strains and sprains, stiff and sore joints and insect bites. Sooth’n Cool ™ contains a USEF & FEI compliant blend of Arnica Montana, Calendula and Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM). Equine Advantage LLC is proud to sponsor Allison and be a part of her post competition regimen for maintaining a sound stable of equestrian competitors.


Coat Defense provides the equine community with effective solutions that are safe for horses, the humans who care for them, and the planet we share. Coat Defense’s line of products protect against and eliminate fungal infections and are safer and more effective than anything on the market today. Allison trusts Coat Defense to keep her horses’ coats well protected and healthy.

Farriers Fix

The unique blend of ingredients in Farriers’ Fix penetrates the hoof capsule to draw out soreness. It’s an ideal treatment for horses that are racing, jumping and working on adverse surfaces. The all natural ingredients in Farriers’ Fix balance the moisture content and allow the hoof to breathe, which is essential for a healthy hoof. Allison and her farrier trust Farriers’ Fix to keep her horses’ hooves healthy.

Flair Equine Nasal Strips

FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips are self-adhesive strips that promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes and help prevent exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage. FLAIR Strips support the nasal passages during exercise and improve the horse’s airflow when it needs oxygen most. Unlike humans, horses can only breathe through their noses. As horses begin to breathe hard during exercise, the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages are sucked in, reducing the airway diameter. This reduction in diameter causes greater resistance of airflow into the lungs. FLAIR Strips are proven to reduce airway resistance during exercise. By doing so, FLAIR Strips help prevent fatigue related injuries, protect the lungs from injury and promote optimal athletic performance. Allison wants to do everything possible to ensure her horses are healthy during competition, and that’s why she trusts FLAIR for her equine parterns!


Flexineb is a silent, efficient, portable equine nebulizer device that is simple to use, comfortable, and affordable. It operates without the noise of loud compressors or the inconvenience of cumbersome hoses and electrical cords.

Frilly Fillies

Allison loves the look of Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets, and loves being able to count on their quality! These luxurious and durable bonnets are made of specialty yarn in a variety of vibrant and stylish colors and designs. Each bonnet is custom designed and made to order, creating a look that ensures Allison’s horses will catch the judge’s eye at every show!

Gray and Co. Designs

Gray & Co. Designs brings you quality grooming tools with an artistic flair. Their natural fiber brushes and traditional craftsmanship grooming boxes are individually hand painted, giving each piece a new twist on classic style. Whether you’re wanting something special for yourself or a unique gift, Gray & Co. Designs’ hand-painted custom brushes will be sure to bring out the shine at shows and around the barn.

Guardian Horse Bedding

As a leader in the animal bedding industry, Guardian Horse Bedding is always working to improve their existing product line and to develop new products that provide health and financial benefit to their customers and their animals. While others have attempted to mirror their animal bedding products, you can rest assured that they are always several steps ahead of their competitors in development and innovation of new products. Allison’s horses deserve to rest comfortably, and with Guardian Bedding providing their bedding, Allison knows they are getting the very best!


HAYGAIN is the revolutionary hay steamer that conditions hay into dust-free, highly palatable forage, thus enhancing your horse’s health and respiratory performance.

I first became interested in the HAYGAIN Hay Steamer for Destination Known, a top level horse that I had who had allergy and breathing issues. Although I was thrilled with the results that I saw with that horse, it didn’t take long for me to realize how well all the horses in my barn do on the steamed hay. I have struggled with maintaining weight and appetite during the competition season on my other top level partner, Arthur, but he has blossomed on his steamed hay. A horse that is generally very picky, now dives into his hay. The well being of all my equine athletes is paramount. The delicate balance between keeping the competitive edge on my horses and ensuring their long-term stability is a big concern of mine. By using the HAYGAIN Hay Steamer I have confidence that my horses are getting the cleanest forage possible, ensuring their respiratory health and the hay’s nutritional value.
– Allison Springer

JoJo Sox

JoJo Sox are the very best socks you can buy, especially to ride in! Allison first came across these socks at Rolex in 2012 and was intrigued by their fun designs and comfortable fit and feel. They have socks made just for mid calf fit and everything you could ever want for both your riding and everyday needs!


Mountain Horse

“All of us at Mountain Horse are really pleased to have a great talent such as Allison Springer represent the line. We are a company that is run by equestrians, all of whom are passionate about riding. So it really resonates with us to have the world’s up and coming stars like Allison recognize and embrace that passion in the design and functionality of our products. Hard-working, tenacious riders of all levels are who we’re about, whether they’re weekend warriors or they have the Olympics in their sights. As equestrians, we relate directly to their diverse needs and know the demands and expectations riders have when it comes to their sport, their gear, and their clothing. We recognize how event riders work themselves to the bone for their craft, and we truly feel like partners when it comes to helping them train and compete to the best of their ability. Mountain Horse is a Swedish-based company whose products are exclusively distributed in the U.S. by English Riding Supply. For more information on Mountain Horse Team Riders, or to see the full line of Mountain Horse apparel and footwear products, visit us at www.MountainHorseUSA.com.”

Multi Radiance

Multi Radiance Medical is proud be one of Allison Springer’s sponsors. Allison’s passion and dedication to keeping her equine athletes in top competitive form drive her to utilize every technological edge available. That’s exactly how Multi Radiance Medical approaches building and supporting the safest and most powerful therapeutic lasers for veterinary. The wounds, inflammation, aches, and pains of high-level equestrian athletes all greatly benefit from this highly effective, side effect-free, FEI unrestricted laser therapy. MR4 ACTIVet and TQ Solo: two products that took the equine world by storm in 2011. Great for the hard working humans, too!

Neue Schule

Neue Schule offers an exciting and innovative range of high performance, superior comfort bits for all equines, covering all disciplines at every level. This is accomplished through bits that are ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and computer aided design (CAD) technologies.

Nicker Bait

Nicker Bait’s ingredients are all-natural and come in a variety of flavors. Rewarding your horse after a hard day’s work is easy when you know they’re getting the best ingredients! They are also offered in a “lite” option which contains less molasses but has the same great taste! Allison is happy to have such a high-quality treat to feed, and the horses at ASE love them!


Nupafeed USA’s Magnesium among other benefits works as a calming supplement helping to ease stress in horses as they become more mentally relaxed, physically supple, and focused during training or in the show environment. This magnesium supplement works especially well for the spooky or nervous horse, helping to manage stress, muscle tension, and unpredictable behavior in horses.

kellyslogowordsPrime Time Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is designed for those who love clean tack, but don’t love to clean tack! Their Cleaner and Conditioner is a high quality 2 in 1 product that gently cleans away dirt and sweat while conditioning from the inside out. All of Prime Time’s products are made by hand in Alberta, Canada with ingredients from Canada and the USA. Allison trusts Prime Time’s cleaning and conditioning products to keep her tack in excellent condition!


With over 40 years of independent research, Revitavet Laser Therapy has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. As an industry leader of equine preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, RevitaVet’s mission is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits of infrared therapy. RevitaVet provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.44.22 PM

Romfh is an equestrian apparel company providing stylish and comfortable riding clothes to equestrians of all disciplines. They take pride in the practicality of their products. Not only are their products of top-notch quality, style, and comfort, but they have a wide variety of merchandise. Romfh sells everything from breeches to stock ties. Allison appreciates the comfort and flattering fit of all their products!


Thanks to SmartPak, Allison is able to travel comfortably knowing that her horses’ supplements are packed properly and nothing is forgotten. The SmartPak system has been embraced by riders from all disciplines and all levels and helps every horse get the perfect combination of supplements. In addition to the SmartPak supplement system, they offer a broad line of horse health, show apparel, tack, dog supplies, and equine and canine pharmacy items.

Style Stock

Style Stock designer Hannah Childs realized there was a lack of elegant, well-made, and affordable stock ties on the market, and the idea of Style Stock was born. Style Stock offers both classic and pre-tied stock ties in beautiful, high quality materials. Hannah’s workshop is out of Santa Barbara and each piece is handmade by the designer herself.

Soless H-Visor

Heivi Kim, creator of the Soless™ H-Visor, wanted to make a visor that doesn’t block a rider’s peripheral view but provides better coverage than the typical helmet brim and gives a rider as much UV protection as sunblock does. Allison is a firm believer in wearing helmets for each and every ride and now the Soless H-Visor provides full spectrum of sun protection for each and every ride! Soless H-Visor provide an effective, safe, and complete shade that will provide 92% UV protection.

Veredus is passionately committed to a complete and innovative line of sport horse leg protection and care. Advanced technology, leading-edge raw materials, accuracy, and attention to detail are the elements that make Veredus unique. The Veredus Boot Collection ensures that your horse’s legs are protected in the latest most technically advanced anatomically designed boots available on the market.


WeatherBeeta has been designing and manufacturing horse clothing around the world for over 30 years. Through the use of only the most advanced design and materials, they’ve been setting the trends since the very beginning. Whatever the weather, wherever you are in the world — there’s a WeatherBeeta rug or blanket to suit your horse’s needs!

World Equestrian Brands

World Equestrian Brands is proud to support Allison Springer with performance products designed specifically for today’s performance sport horses and discriminating riders. Allison is an extremely gifted rider and horseperson and World Equestrian Brands is happy to support her with saddles, tack, and equipment specifically designed to meet the demands of the challenging sport of Three-Day Eventing.

We are thrilled that Allison has chosen to ride with AmerigoVega Saddles, Equipe Saddles, Vespucci Bridles, E.A. Mattes Pads, Tri-Zone and Stretch & Flex Leg Protection, Classic Equine Products, ProChaps, and MV PoP Studs.



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